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Lehua Animal Wellness

Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture,

Internal Medicine, Laser Therapy

Dr. L. Noelani Reinker, DVM,
DACVIM (Internal Medicine), CVA, CVCHM


I provide in-home veterinary acupuncture, internal medicine consultation, and alternative medicine (integrative medicine) strategies to pets in the SF Peninsula area.

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Yes!  Pets can get acupuncture and they actually tolerate it really well. Acupuncture is great for injuries, arthritic conditions as well as internal medicine conditions like GI upset.


Laser therapy and laser rental

We have a home laser available for rental.  This allows you to perform daily treatments at home without having to take your pet in for the super strong in-hospital laser.  Great for both chronic and acute pain, wound repair, and much more!

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Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbs provide additional tools when Western drugs just don't cut it.  Their goal is to restore balance so that the body is able to heal itself. It's a very whole body approach, because one herbal formula has the potential to heal more than one condition in the body.

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Unfortunately, I do not provide emergency care.  


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